Which Cleaning, Drying- and Process-Technologies applies Amsonic-Hamo?

Cleaning and drying technologies

  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Spray cleaning
  • Hot air infrared and vacuum drying

Amsonic-Hamo masters water-based cleaning processes

  • Years of experience in developing complex, water-based cleaning processes as well as many successful applications in various industrial fields and LiceScience (GPM).

Amsonic-Hamo provides solvent based cleaning technologies

  • Parts cleaning with hydrocarbons or modified alcohols class A3
  • Special projects using class A1 and A2 solvents (ATEX certified)

Amsonic-Hamo produces cleaning equipment based on liquid or supercritical CO2

  • Parts cleaning for special applications

Amsonic-Hamo offers additional surface treatement processes

  • Plasma-micro-final-cleaning (surface activation)
  • Passivation moduls for surface protection
  • Anodisation as an integradet part of a cleaning unit
  • HFE-drying or regreassing 


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