Industrial and Pharmaceutical Precision Cleaning

Micromechanical parts before coating

Validated Cleaning of Medical Devices

Passivation of Implants

Component Cleaning in the Chemical and Cosmetic Industry

GMP comform Pharmaceutical Cleaning in LifeSciences Industies

Absolute cleaning with liquid or supercritical CO2

Anodisation of medical products, integrated in cleaning line

Micro-cleaning of organic residues with plasma

Final cleaning before packing in clean roomFinal

Amsonic-Hamo - Industrial and pharmaceutical Cleaning

Amsonic-Hamo is leading in development, manufacturing and distribution of industrial and pharmaceutical cleaning machines:

Amsonic-Hamo masters various water and solvent based cleaning technologies, i.e. ultrasonic, immersion and spray cleaning in industrial, medical devices and pharmaceutical applications.

Amsonic-Hamo integrates in their units other surface treatment technologies such as passivation, anodisation as well as micro final cleaning with Plasma.

Amsonic-Hamo applies also cleaning technologies based on liquid supercritical CO2.




Pharma Congress Production & Technology

Date: 24. - 25.04.2018
Ort: Düsseldorf (Germany)

The annual Pharma Congress Production & Technology is known as THE get-together and has become an...

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A3P Validation of Cleaning

Date: 05. - 06.06.2018
Ort: Espace Tête d’Or, Lyon

Integrate new modifications of European GMPs Changes to the 15 10 Chapter 1 Annex of the...

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