Our human resources philosophy

HRAmsonic not only sets value on good employees, but is also searching for the right ones!

  • Are you interested not only in applying your talent and capabilities in an international company with 60 employees but also in profiting from the experiences of other employees?
  • Are you of the opinion that working in a team in which you are, on the one hand, able to apply and develop your skills and, on the other hand, helping the company to grow would be sufficiently motivating to you?
  • Do you regard it as interesting challenge to advance your occupational career within an internationally-active group of companies in which innovation is closely connected with the corporate philosophy?
  • You already have work experience or as a student, you have acquired a lot of expertise over the past years?

If this could be you then you are the right person for us!

On these pages, you can find out how you can work on a project together with colleagues that value good work just the same as you do, that will let themselves be infected by your enthusiasm and that want to implement your new ideas.

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