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Water-based cleaning machines

Does Amsonic supply water-based cleaning machines for the pharmaceutical industry?

Since September 2011, the entire range of products of HAMO is reintigraded in the Amsonic Group (before fore 8 years with Steris).

This means, Amsonic may offer the entire range of proctucts of HAMO equipments, applicable for the chemical, cosmetical as well as pharmaceutical industry.

Is it possible to connect several runback tanks to a spray cleaning machine?

In principle the number of tanks that can be connected is not limited but has to correspond to the type and size of the control. The sequence of the inlet and runback is left up to the programmer of the cleaning cycle.

Is it possible to clean polished parts by spray cleaning?

Without appropriate cleaning tests done in the application laboratory, no concluding decision can be made. Generally, polished parts can not be optimally cleaned during a spray cleaning process. We recommend an ultrasonic cleaning process instead. A spray cleaning process is suitable for degreasing.


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