Our commitment to quality

QualityWe commit ourselves to providing high-quality goods and services that meet or even exceed the specifications and expectations of our valued customers and suppliers.

We have established and implemented a documented quality assurance system ISO 9001:2003. Furthermore, we are certified according to ISO 13485:2003. We ensure that this policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of our company.

Quality objective

We intend to emphasise the importance of quality by means of the following guidelines relating to quality of administration, distribution, manufacturing, procurement, customer services and management.

  • Our leading position on the market is due to satisfied customers. Therefore, ensuring that our products and services are of the highest quality is one of the most important aims of our company.
  • The customer sets our quality standard. We take note of our customers’ demands, and we learn from our customers. Customers’ opinions about our products and services are decisive.
  • Requests, offers, application tests, orders and complaints are to be processed thoroughly and rapidly. Promised deadlines (both, within and outside the company) are met.
  • Each and every employee of the company is responsible for achievement of our quality aims at her/his place of work while making sparing use of natural resources. Therefore, it is the task of every one of our employees, from apprentices to managerial staff, to produce flawless work. Anyone who discovers a risk of quality impairment and does not have the power to eliminate it is obliged to inform her/his superiors of it immediately.
  • Every task must be properly completed from start to finish. This not only increases the quality of our work, but also the economy with which it is performed. Taking responsibility for one’s own actions and, therefore, self-appraisal are integral parts of our quality system.
  • It is not just errors, but also the causes of errors, which need to be eliminated. Error avoidance, which transcends departmental divisions, takes priority over error elimination.
  • The quality of our products also depends on the quality of raw materials and purchased parts. Therefore, we select our suppliers carefully and support them by providing full delivery specifications. A spirit of partnership helps to achieve common goals with regard to quality.
  • Our quality goal is “zero defects”. The methods and processes used to achieve this quality goal are therefore to be applied with absolute consistency. Our quality guidelines are binding on all staff.
  • Our cooperation is based on a motivating management style. Particular emphasis is placed on quality when training, managing and assessing the performance of staff.

If you have any suggestions, which may help us to improve quality, please contact us.


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