The Amsonic Group’s history



Amsonic takes back from STERIS the activity of pharmaceutical (GMP) cleaning.

Amsonic, after 8 years, does now again offer the successful product-line HAMO and all related international services like repair, supply of spare parts, technical support.



Amsonic takes over some elements of the former Unitech Annemasse (F). Amsonic France does now offer services like eg  repair  of installed machines, supply of spare parts, technical support to former Unitech customers


In our applications laboratory in Biel, the first experimental cleaning machine based on liquid CO2 is put into operation. Under the aspect of environmental protection, precision cleaning with liquid CO2 as additional technology for niche applications appears to be promising.

Amsonic AG/SA


Inauguration of the new company building (production, engineering and administration). Amsonic’s new address is Zürichstrasse 3, 2504 Biel / Switzerland.

Sale of the Riobeer product line; Amsonic focuses its activities on precision cleaning.


September 2004

The product line “parts cleaning” (Swiss Clean / Swash), that formerly belonged to EgaClean, is integrated into the activities of the Amsonic Group. With this acquisition, Amsonic reinforces its know-how regarding aqueous and solvent based industrial parts cleaning within the international market.

Amsonic AG/SA

May 2003

Since May 2003, the Amsonic & riobeer Group operates independently under the management of its owner Hansruedi Moser;

Concentrating on industrial cleaning, the Amsonic team is looking forward to meeting all challenges of this interesting market.


April 2003

The HAMO Groups domains “Medical and Pharmaceutical cleaning and decontamination” are sold to Steris Corporation USA by the Moser family. HAMO will remain on the market as a member of the Steris Group.



Partial acquisition of the product line belonging to the former Riobeer company in Niederwil / Switzerland. Riobeer Cleaning Technologies readapts to the market for paints and printing inks.

The patented brush cleaning technology and the know-how within the sector of solvent based cleaning for the pharmaceutical industry complete the Amsonic Group’s product line.



Acquisition of "BRANSON Cleaning Europe". This company now operates under the name of Amsonic Precision Cleaning.

The HAMO Group is now a leading supplier of aqueous and solvent based cleaning units for all sectors of the industrial market.

Open systems using solvents, especially chlorinated solvents, are no longer produced. The development and production are now concentrated on closed, non-chlorinated systems.



The vacuum drying process (with or without inert gas), developed and patented in collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Technology, is installed into Amsonic cleaning systems as drying station for complex components. This new technology (WetEx) confirms Amsonic’s position as leader within the market of industrial precision cleaning.



AquaStep, the first PC controlled ultrasonic lift / thrust cleaning system is dispatched. This technology creates new standards.



Acquisition of ABW Ultrasonic Cleaning Technology: a company with profound experience in parts cleaning for the coating industry becomes a part of the industrial cleaning sector.



The ROAG technology (systems for cleaning optics) is integrated into HAMO’s division of ultrasonic precision cleaning. Due to this, the know-how in cleaning optical and ophthalmic glasses is extended.



Dispatch of the first AquaLine cleaning system with PC control and process visualisation (Optima).



HAMO acquires ELGA, a Swiss manufacturer of ultrasonic cleaning machines for the watch making industry. With this acquisition, the history of the HAMO Group’s industrial precision cleaning division begins, which is the origin of the future Amsonic company.

This sector strategically concentrates on water-based cleaning and thereby becomes one of the first pioneers to convert from polluting cleaning systems to new, ecologically friendly ones.



Introduction of Infracontrol. The world’s first microprocessor controller for cleaning units with functions such as infrared communication and RS 232 communication ports. This control concept is a milestone allowing the cleaning units’ controls to communicate with data acquisition systems for validation and documentation reasons.

1975 - 1985

Under the direction of Hansruedi Moser, the product range is expanded into the direction of large industrial cleaning units.


In the early 60's, HAMO delivers the first laboratory glassware washer to the pharmaceutical industry.


HAMO, founded in 1957, produces and sells dishwashers with great success throughout the whole of Europe.



Amsonic Hamo Germany invests in a Mühldorf branch


The Amsonic Hamo organization in Germany has grown significantly since the beginning of the year....

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