We deal carefully with our natural resources: Amsonic-Hamo and the environment

EnvironmentEnvironmental issues

We consider it an important duty to develop products that are not only useful but also safe and environmentally friendly.

A further business objective is to minimise waste during the manufacturing process.

Occupational health and safety as well as environmental protection are fundamental concerns of our company.

Environmental policy

We want to provide innovation and added value when supplying products and performing services and at the same time pay regard to safety, health and the environment.

Health, safety and environmental aspects are considered when purchasing equipment, services and materials.

We aim at improving economic, ecological and performance integrated environmental factors in our management systems, programmes, and our commercial decisions.

We want to ensure the responsible use of energy within the entire company, to economise and improve the use of energy and, whenever possible, to prefer renewable energy to non-renewable energy sources.

Employees are trained and dispose of the necessary knowledge and capabilities to carry out their work safely and according to environmental aspects.

We want to meet or even exceed relevant laws and regulations regarding all aspects of environmental legislation.

We set clearly defined goals within the bounds of our environmental commitment.

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