Amsonic-Hamo is a leader in the field of industrial and pharmaceutical cleaning

Amsonic-Hamo GroupAmsonic-Hamo is leading in development, manufacturing and distribution of industrial and pharmaceutical cleaning machines:

Amsonic-Hamo masters various water and solvent based cleaning technologies, i.e. ultrasonic, immersion and spray cleaning as well as hot air, infrared and vacuum drying processes.

Amsonic-Hamo applies also cleaning technologies based on liquid supercritical CO2.

Amsonic-Hamo integrates in their units other surface treatment technologies such as passivation, anodisation as well as micro-finalcleaning (surface activation) with Plasma.

Amsonic-Hamo’s worldwide network of solutions and services turns modern cleaning technologies into value for the customer.

Amsonic-Hamo is a combination of approx. 60 talented people, innovative products and modern technologies - all of which are very customer oriented.

Whatever your challenge regarding industrial and pharmaceutical cleaning may be, search no further!


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Amsonic Hamo Germany invests in a Mühldorf branch


The Amsonic Hamo organization in Germany has grown significantly since the beginning of the year....

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